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Hey Family!

Wow, I am truly excited about my small break from working I’ve called it my “FaceBookcation”. Being a single mom with very busy children, my professional careers in education and music gets pretty overwhelming. Sometimes I forget to take time just for me. I miss everyone and I’m back with great news, events and I look forward to sharing my life, experiences and I’m even sharing tips for the ladies in cosmetics. Yes, I’m launching a new online program with personal and up close conversations and “how to’s” with me on creating a winning look that will take you from “Day to Date Night!”. Please sign up for my newsletter at to receive exclusive details on the program and other news. Heads up, the tutorials are live and in color and you don’t want to miss it! Also, on my agenda is special occasion serenades on site or a personal video tribute. Once you sign up for my newsletter you can indicate your interest and I will respond to you personally! If you have interest in other areas like saxophone lessons for you or a family member, tips or instructions please indicate that as well. There will be incentives, bonuses and perks for signing up for my programs that I’m offering and you’ll be spending time with me! I look forward sharing great things with you.

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Hey Family!

I am so honored to be featured in JAZZ IN MEE magazine again for the January 2016 issue. You can subscribe online for your digital copy or order your hard copy. I love JAZZ IN MEE magazine and I sincerely adore Melody for supporting talented up and coming jazz artists!

Hey there!

Wow, this year is starting off with a bang. I sincerely appreciate the support and love for the past years and for the years to come! Last year was amazing and I look forward to greater opportunities this year. NAMM 2016 was absolutely amazing! I had the opportunity to hang out with great artists such at Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair, Michael Lighton, Elan Trotman, Najee, Althea Renee, the Sax Dakota family and my awesome friends from Houston!
Performing at Sax Dakota booth this year was a total thrill and a wonderful experience. I visited my CE Winds family and of course a new baby was added to my CE Winds “Diamond Series” saxophone family. I can’t wait to show you my new baby!
Sharing my musical gift at Sugas Restaurant, one of my favorite restaurants, was really nice and refreshing with couples in love dining and being entertained by my cool jazz. I hope to see you this year at the Red Cat Jazz Festival Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas on Mother’s Day weekend. I will be performing along with many other great artist Saturday, May 7th! Be sure to reserve your tickets at
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See you soon,

Friday night at Sugas was a blast. Each time I perform and get joy from providing great entertainment and fun music that everyone enjoys. I am grateful for the owners, Dr. Hiner and Mrs. Hiner for allowing me to share my gift with their customers! I really love it when my fans are celebrating marriage, birthdays and even class reunions it just makes the night even brighter. I know we may sometimes get overloaded with work, families and responsibilities, but let’s slow down this holiday just to appreciate what we have, period. We have life, freedom and unconditional love if you choose.  Embrace every moment you have with family, parents if they are still living, children and most importantly be grateful for a job that has provided a way to survive and keep things going!  I am grateful for a wonderful management team, producers, musicians and other artists that have worked with me and supported me over the years. I sincerely thank the radio stations, program managers, marketing directors, publicist, endorsement companies and magazine owners and editors for supporting me as an independent artist this year!   This has truly been an amazing year with recognition, consideration for the GRAMMYS 2016, Teacher of the Year and other music related nominations. Thank you to every promoter, venue owner and sponsor for hiring or booking me for your events and venues! Every time I touch the stage I consider that’s a gift from God to have the opportunity to express my deep appreciation and love for music. So when you see me close my eyes while I’m performing, it’s just because I become so spiritually connected and allow every note to shower happiness, joy, peace, and serenity to the world! I appreciate you for staying with me. The best is yet to come!!

Just a little higher!  Well, sometimes it seems like so hard, exhausting and overwhelming with all of the many things we are faced with in our lives. Stay encouraged! Just when I’m about to throw in the towel or I don’t have enough, need more or just simply pooped amazingly God shows that He is God! I mean every single time. This applies to absolutely everything we encounter.  Remember God created everything, really He did.  I’ve grown to embrace a deeper meaning of who God is and who He is not. For some they may feel that we are being punished but that’s not the truth. The truth is we are faced with results or consequences for our free will of choices.  So even when I’m down, I now look at how I could made a better choice or even could I have thought things through before making a decision.  As we travel our individual journey in this amazing life cycle let’s just remember God desires the best for each of us even in the mist of hard times. Push a little harder, stay a little longer and move up just a little higher! Say that it is so, believe it, claim it and receive everything your heart desires! Amen!


Lately, I been challenging myself to overcome my fears and stop thinking about what others think including family.

This seems to hold us back, keep us in a box and most importantly keep us in fear.

So, I’m sharing my fears and my accomplishments. Recently I learned how to ride a motorcycle. Some may think well, “that’s dangerous”, “that’s crazy”, or “I know how, so what’s new”. That’s all cool, but when you’ve feared bikes and know the dangers of it I ran away from it. I started by riding on the back of one, then my son earned his license and bought his first bike. Well, it seemed that if I’m going to do it, then do it ride and learn and know all of the do’s and don’ts. I did! I had my son to give me simple lessons then I took the class and passed! The very same day I completed my course I went straight to DPS to get my license. Now, I’m riding, owning and enjoying my very first bike and I love it! It was so cool to share my first ride with my son on my new bike.

So, I do have other accomplishments and some on the table to achieve. The thing is, I will accomplish my goals and step on all my fears!!!!

Go for it, let no one, and I mean no ONE tell you there’s no other way, you can’t do that, that’s impossible, you’re crazy or even stupid. Because in reality they are only expressing their own fears on you!!!!!

Share your story with me.



So this morning I’m off to the post office to mail off my singles to the radio stations and it was raining out side so some of the envelopes got wet. I approach the counter to proceed with my transaction and little Asian clerk notices the rain dropped covered envelopes.  She began to lecture to me about placing clear tape to cover the labels to secure them when it rains so that they stay on.  Of course, I smiled and in my mind I began to make justifications as to why I didn’t tape the labels down myself. Okay, so here’s my thought on this, please just walk with me on this, thinking about your earlier years of life, your siblings as you were growing up and maybe your own children.

I’m standing at the counter thinking about the gazillion of times that I’ve looked for tape, my tape dispenser, scotch roll of tape, duck tape, printed duck tape, color tape, clear box tape, sticky two sided tape or just any tape.  I can’t seem to ever find tape when I need it because….. it’s on my daughter’s wall as trimmings, they’ve taped their pens, pencils, posters, awards, pictures, desk, binders, backpacks, books, glasses, purses, string lights, student I.Ds and God knows what else. Check this out, my daughter even taped her shoe boxes to the wall!!! What in the world????????  To this day figure I can’t figure out why do children need and use so much tape. What is the deal with tape and why is it so fascinating to see how much and where they can use tape.  Now, I’m very happy to report that I’ve never had a situation in which they’ve taped each other, but I’m pretty sure there are tons of stories out there.  The thing now is that tape is so colorful and animated so it’s fun for kids and cringing to parents because of all of the crazy things I’ve seen taped up, repaired or some what, decorated and personalized with all kinds of tape.

Woohhhh sahhhhhh!

All of this was crossing my mind while the clerk was lecturing. So you know as being a mom with many wonderful stories my response to the clerk was ” I can never find any tape, my tape dispenser is always missing and I just didn’t have any kind of tape. Once I finished my short justification, I simply thanked her because I had another issue, I needed $2.74 worth of stamps on 25 envelopes that already had $2.36 worth of stamps on them.  So she had the fun time of figuring that one out!!

I remember being a little girl and always playing with my dolls and creating this imaginary perfect world of make believe.  My first dollhouse was only one story because at that time the family of dolls l loved the most were the Sunshine Family (Caucasian) and the Happy Family (African American). They had big round eyes and pug noses and were just smiling all the time. It’s funny because even when I created a problem for the family, the dolls continued to smile. Well, I guess I could never change that. The family had a four room home and a cute what I call a “car-truck”.  It was a truck that had no top with a car look. Man, it  was just so much fun to play with. Of course I had Barbie, Ken, Dusty and others.  But my favorite were those families because they both had little babies and big round eyes and pug noses, too.  I created a perfect family because much of my life my family was perfect even when I saw the dark sides. I love to reminisce because it allows me to appreciate my early years, my parents and my family. Everything around me was creative, out of the box and bold. These are some values that helped shaped me to who I am and what I am to this day. As a child it was no color, no separation, life was good and perfect, I was allowed to create and express my creation. I’m so glad my parents allow that and never shut me down, or told me to stop dreaming. I remember being free, free to be me. Now, I am still here, still allow to be free, never told to stop dreaming and creating! I am grateful for my wonderful parents, teachers, mentors and friends that accepted me in my many creations, ways and uniqueness. So what were your “Early Days” like?

I’m sitting here waiting for my girls to get their nails done after school and work and I can’t wait to get home. The only thing is I’m not done with all of my motherly duties. I never thought that I would ever sew again but to my surprise it’s reality. But this art of sewing started when I was young.

I’ve always loved fashion and design since I was like 7 or 8 years old. I would cut out pictures of runway models, designer apparels and the latest fashion trend to put in my fashion scrap book. I would collect new pics every week consistently.

I loved everything about fashion, I knew I wanted to be a designer or even a model!!!!! My mother taught me to sew from patterns and simple mending things! As I grew older I wanted to design and learn how to model. All of this was going on at the same time I was in school band learning to play the saxophone. I was a busy bee!!!! I kept my dream alive with the help of my parents. My mother enrolled me in modeling school when I was 14 and I learned how to model, apply makeup and the skills of becoming a model, commercial and acting. This was the best experience of my life! My mother truly sacrificed for me! I carried my knowledge with me everywhere and applied it to everything. In college I majored in music and fashion merchandising!! I was so excited!! However, music began to become extremely challenging so I switched my major to fashion and minored in music. By the way, I picked music back up years later and earned my degree in it. So in college I literally was sewing and making my clothes almost daily !! I would walk to “Piggly Wiggly” and find fabrics to make things. I had fabric that I bought at home as well.

Moving forward I haven’t sewn or designed since 1993!!! I’ve wondered would I ever sew again and if I did then how ? How would I have time ? Do I still have it? Would it come out right ?

Well, the answer is YES!!!!!!! I’m sewing my daughter’s dress for her dance that’s in 2 days!!!!
So far so good!! It’s kinda exciting because it’s like déjà vu totally!!! I remember when my mother taught me! My two daughters are both learning to sew at the same time !! What a life!!!

Check this out!  This spoken passage is from  a writer that often sends me very inspirational messages from time to time by email only.  I never spoke to him personally or verbally I just receive emails of  his messages. Now, the interesting thing is once you’ve read his passage, one could think that this is very deep and almost personal.  Yes, I did ask him on one occasion if this was just for me? He responded “no, it’s just the way I think”. For a man to very passionate and very sentimental like this is absolutely intriguing because I guess I’ve been around people that were totally opposite or either never expressed themselves this way.  So, I want you to read the passage and share your thoughts and I want to hear what you think about this. Oh yeah, there’s a part where he mentions lucifer and I really have been opened to the ‘truth’ about this which we will talk later on that. Here it is:


A Smidgen Of Love Only For You

Thinking about the idea of just falling in love again, subconsciously places great endless excitement on my mind.

Losing sleep night after night has become an epidemic in a good way; with several possibilities surrounded by those unknown (what-if) questions in my head, chasing constantly, bound by nervous feelings, as time dissipates swiftly.

Chances to embrace endless moments of true love once again in this life time, makes it worth trusting him daily and knowing that he would always keep his promises.

Finally, I can give my carefree love to you, with an open mind, after escaping the bitter boundaries of fears, surviving those fake dating proposals and listening to lucifer long lectures from his followers lying tongues.

I have surrendered only to you, your clean spirit, your armor, your compassion, your zeal, your trust in me that sparked zealous, ushered gracefully by heaven delights.

Soon we would vanish into repeated joy, our hearts pounding, with every beat ticking out of control, holding countless traces of passion, perturbing underneath the warm surfaces of running water, clothed in seamless fabrics, body watching quickly dominates our deepest thoughts, minute-by-minute pursuing unstoppable ‘love jones ‘ syndromes trapped inside temporary we hope.

Trying to anticipate the moment of truth, when I could see you again, smell your hair, hear your soft spoken voice, look into your beautiful eyes, the opportunity to smile, laugh, talk, touch your heart and share tomorrow blessings only with you.

Surely! You Want This Kind Of Love Too.


  Your thoughts?