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I’m sitting here waiting for my girls to get their nails done after school and work and I can’t wait to get home. The only thing is I’m not done with all of my motherly duties. I never thought that I would ever sew again but to my surprise it’s reality. But this art of sewing started when I was young.

I’ve always loved fashion and design since I was like 7 or 8 years old. I would cut out pictures of runway models, designer apparels and the latest fashion trend to put in my fashion scrap book. I would collect new pics every week consistently.

I loved everything about fashion, I knew I wanted to be a designer or even a model!!!!! My mother taught me to sew from patterns and simple mending things! As I grew older I wanted to design and learn how to model. All of this was going on at the same time I was in school band learning to play the saxophone. I was a busy bee!!!! I kept my dream alive with the help of my parents. My mother enrolled me in modeling school when I was 14 and I learned how to model, apply makeup and the skills of becoming a model, commercial and acting. This was the best experience of my life! My mother truly sacrificed for me! I carried my knowledge with me everywhere and applied it to everything. In college I majored in music and fashion merchandising!! I was so excited!! However, music began to become extremely challenging so I switched my major to fashion and minored in music. By the way, I picked music back up years later and earned my degree in it. So in college I literally was sewing and making my clothes almost daily !! I would walk to “Piggly Wiggly” and find fabrics to make things. I had fabric that I bought at home as well.

Moving forward I haven’t sewn or designed since 1993!!! I’ve wondered would I ever sew again and if I did then how ? How would I have time ? Do I still have it? Would it come out right ?

Well, the answer is YES!!!!!!! I’m sewing my daughter’s dress for her dance that’s in 2 days!!!!
So far so good!! It’s kinda exciting because it’s like déjà vu totally!!! I remember when my mother taught me! My two daughters are both learning to sew at the same time !! What a life!!!

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