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I remember being a little girl and always playing with my dolls and creating this imaginary perfect world of make believe.  My first dollhouse was only one story because at that time the family of dolls l loved the most were the Sunshine Family (Caucasian) and the Happy Family (African American). They had big round eyes and pug noses and were just smiling all the time. It’s funny because even when I created a problem for the family, the dolls continued to smile. Well, I guess I could never change that. The family had a four room home and a cute what I call a “car-truck”.  It was a truck that had no top with a car look. Man, it  was just so much fun to play with. Of course I had Barbie, Ken, Dusty and others.  But my favorite were those families because they both had little babies and big round eyes and pug noses, too.  I created a perfect family because much of my life my family was perfect even when I saw the dark sides. I love to reminisce because it allows me to appreciate my early years, my parents and my family. Everything around me was creative, out of the box and bold. These are some values that helped shaped me to who I am and what I am to this day. As a child it was no color, no separation, life was good and perfect, I was allowed to create and express my creation. I’m so glad my parents allow that and never shut me down, or told me to stop dreaming. I remember being free, free to be me. Now, I am still here, still allow to be free, never told to stop dreaming and creating! I am grateful for my wonderful parents, teachers, mentors and friends that accepted me in my many creations, ways and uniqueness. So what were your “Early Days” like?

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