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Friday night at Sugas was a blast. Each time I perform and get joy from providing great entertainment and fun music that everyone enjoys. I am grateful for the owners, Dr. Hiner and Mrs. Hiner for allowing me to share my gift with their customers! I really love it when my fans are celebrating marriage, birthdays and even class reunions it just makes the night even brighter. I know we may sometimes get overloaded with work, families and responsibilities, but let’s slow down this holiday just to appreciate what we have, period. We have life, freedom and unconditional love if you choose.  Embrace every moment you have with family, parents if they are still living, children and most importantly be grateful for a job that has provided a way to survive and keep things going!  I am grateful for a wonderful management team, producers, musicians and other artists that have worked with me and supported me over the years. I sincerely thank the radio stations, program managers, marketing directors, publicist, endorsement companies and magazine owners and editors for supporting me as an independent artist this year!   This has truly been an amazing year with recognition, consideration for the GRAMMYS 2016, Teacher of the Year and other music related nominations. Thank you to every promoter, venue owner and sponsor for hiring or booking me for your events and venues! Every time I touch the stage I consider that’s a gift from God to have the opportunity to express my deep appreciation and love for music. So when you see me close my eyes while I’m performing, it’s just because I become so spiritually connected and allow every note to shower happiness, joy, peace, and serenity to the world! I appreciate you for staying with me. The best is yet to come!!

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