World Blue (CD)


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1. Atmosphere (Interlude)
2. Tranz4Nations
3. Radioactive
4. Sisi Ni Moja (We Are One)
5. Je T’adore
6. The Sun Still Shines
7. Crane’s Dance
8. World Roll Kall
9. Sway
10. Playing With Jas
11. Twenty 5 Seven
12. Moksha
13. We Are The World

Theresa’s fourth album is dedicated to the wonderful styles of music from around the world. Compelling compositions written by Terence Fisher, Edwin Brown and Theresa Grayson with energetic covers that will keep you dancing and swaying while enjoying the musical presentation of Theresa on vocals, flute, soprano and tenor sax!

World Blue pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of “We Are the World” originally written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. This famous world song arranged by Terence Fisher and Theresa Grayson unites with Saxophonist Marion Meadows and Kyle Turner, Guitarist Joe Carmouche, Violinist Michael Ward, Trumpeter Johnny Holliday and a host of choirs.

Blending everything from pop, European, France to Asia, Jamaica to Africa, India, Mexico and traditional jazz. Grayson brings a fascinating background as a first call side person to her evolving solo career. It is a testament to Grayson’s powerful, high impact composing skills that the original songs on this international album World Blue stand up perfectly alongside a batch of smartly arranged covers of songs that were smash hits.


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