Life is too short


Live is too short! Recently, very special colleagues, friends and loved ones have been going through some very tough times with elderly parents, illnesses and even death. My heart is so heavy because this is so difficult. My heart goes out to you my friend if you’re going through very difficult situations. I pray for peace, healing, restoration of faith, forgiveness and the mending of broken hearts! Lets’ embrace each other more, appreciate each other more, forgive and have more compassion, but most importantly, unconditional love for one another! Life is simply too short! Live2Love…..

NAMM 2015


Hey everybody! NAMM 2015 was a blast. I spent 3 days walking endlessly and I think I tried every saxophone at the convention. I’m talking about saxophone heaven! I have some new additions to my sax family so you’ll see them real soon! I’m thrilled that companies were ready to endorse me on the spot while trying out their saxophones, reeds, mouthpieces and ligatures! So here’s a peek at one of my new babies!! What do you think? The Jazz Jam Friday night was amazing sharing the stage with awesome musicians and artists ! A night I will never forget !! I’m looking forward sharing my journey with you! Live2Love!!



Good Saturday morning volleyball!! Yes!!! I’m a volleyball mom!! Let’s add basketball mom, tack mom, early mom referee over bathroom, moods and who’s going to sit in the front seat mom!!! What are you???