Inspirational Messages

Check this out!  This spoken passage is from  a writer that often sends me very inspirational messages from time to time by email only.  I never spoke to him personally or verbally I just receive emails of  his messages. Now, the interesting thing is once you’ve read his passage, one could think that this is very deep and almost personal.  Yes, I did ask him on one occasion if this was just for me? He responded “no, it’s just the way I think”. For a man to very passionate and very sentimental like this is absolutely intriguing because I guess I’ve been around people that were totally opposite or either never expressed themselves this way.  So, I want you to read the passage and share your thoughts and I want to hear what you think about this. Oh yeah, there’s a part where he mentions lucifer and I really have been opened to the ‘truth’ about this which we will talk later on that. Here it is:


A Smidgen Of Love Only For You

Thinking about the idea of just falling in love again, subconsciously places great endless excitement on my mind.

Losing sleep night after night has become an epidemic in a good way; with several possibilities surrounded by those unknown (what-if) questions in my head, chasing constantly, bound by nervous feelings, as time dissipates swiftly.

Chances to embrace endless moments of true love once again in this life time, makes it worth trusting him daily and knowing that he would always keep his promises.

Finally, I can give my carefree love to you, with an open mind, after escaping the bitter boundaries of fears, surviving those fake dating proposals and listening to lucifer long lectures from his followers lying tongues.

I have surrendered only to you, your clean spirit, your armor, your compassion, your zeal, your trust in me that sparked zealous, ushered gracefully by heaven delights.

Soon we would vanish into repeated joy, our hearts pounding, with every beat ticking out of control, holding countless traces of passion, perturbing underneath the warm surfaces of running water, clothed in seamless fabrics, body watching quickly dominates our deepest thoughts, minute-by-minute pursuing unstoppable ‘love jones ‘ syndromes trapped inside temporary we hope.

Trying to anticipate the moment of truth, when I could see you again, smell your hair, hear your soft spoken voice, look into your beautiful eyes, the opportunity to smile, laugh, talk, touch your heart and share tomorrow blessings only with you.

Surely! You Want This Kind Of Love Too.


  Your thoughts?

Spring Break

Anticipation!!!! Well, I’m on my spring break this week and I vowed that I would get some much needed rest. Of course that only meant a break from my wonderful energetic students. This is a very unique break because I’m actually getting ready to release my 4th album, “World Blue” in a couple of months. What that means for me is working, working and more work! Okay, let me break it down. Before the full album is released we are going to release a single which was chosen last week by the best Jazz radio promoters known in the industry. I am so thrilled to be working with the Gorov’s on the release of my single and full album. Then, we’re getting the singles ready to mail out to all of the jazz stations across the country with the hopes of them not only liking my music but giving great spins so that it can rise to the top of the charts.  It’s a process for the promoters who are working daily to encourage the stations to keep playing the single. Before all this happens both the radio promoters and my team are promoting the anticipation of the release of the single which that means constant visibility in social media. Yes, I need you. That’s where your part of this awesome journey comes in and there are some cool benefits such as entering contests for free autographed CDs, brand new “Pure Sax” t-shirts, gift cards, concert tickets and other cool stuff. Be sure to share with your friends and family. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my recent endorsement with Sax Dakota and getting ready for promotions for that, so I had photo shoots and videos with my new straight tenor. Yes, a straight tenor!!!! It’s really cool and fun. Look for the pics of it on my Facebook page.
Literally everyday I have been busy working on the “behind the scenes” tasks to prepare for all of the great things God has blessed me with. I am thrilled to have a great team and an extremely supportive manager! So as Kevin Hart stated, “everybody wanna be rich but nobody wanna do the work!” Trust me, there is so much work involved, so much work. There’s no time for excuses and wimps in this business.
Your turn, share your journey with me and your thoughts and experiences! I look forward to hearing from you.
So, I just wanted to come out the dungeon to share more of my journey with you. Thank you for taking the time to hang out with me!
Live life to the fullest!!

Personal Growth

It’s funny how life and the challenges we go through are simply amazing. As soon as we think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, then boom! I’m saying this because all of my life I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, visit and accomplish. Well, of course you know that we tend to get off track and make decisions and turns that were not in that dream, but we fall and get back up. We all go through trials and circumstances and it’s very important that we understand we are not being punished, just that we must go through our situations to make us better.
This is our moment. Don’t take it personal, be impeccable with your word, do your best and forgive. Wow, that’s huge. So how do we accomplish this? Make an agreement with yourself and take one day at a time. I’m so blessed and I desire to bless you with my words and my music. A healthy mind and heart will endure and last for a long time. So we must control our emotions and how we react to our surroundings. Know this, that everyone does have a purpose in your life and we learn from what they bring be it good or not so good. We have enough negativity so let’s be open to change the way we think so that we are living life to the fullest, being happy, being free and really live life as there was no tomorrow. Be completely happy with you. You are wonderfully made.
I have really grown mentally and it’s because I was introduced to great books and philosophies that are positive to my growth and the way I live my life, make choices and how I react to different things. So now I see things so differently because I have freed myself of the misery and unhappiness that I made apart of my life. Some of us understand things better a little faster than others, but the important point is that your eyes are opened and your mind and heart are free from poison!
Happy Life, Live2Love!